The soundtrack of a life

We can’t all be on Desert Island Discs but now you can have the next best thing. Treasured SoundTrack™ is a professionally recorded ‘radio’ interview that captures your voice and tells your story, interspersed with your favourite music. It is a unique keepsake and memento… the soundtrack of a life. The perfect gift for life’s special milestones.
“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning”
Maya Angelou

The gift of a lifetime

Treasured SoundTrack™ is a professional, 40-minute audio interview with you or a loved one, combined with eight favourite tracks (music, voice or sounds). It is the soundtrack of a life – the gift of a lifetime.
The unique voice of a loved one conjures them in our memories like nothing else. Treasured SoundTrack™ captures this voice, the stories and their character in a unique way. During the interview they explore their life – its triumphs, adventures and twists – and the people and tracks they treasure. We edit and mix it in ‘post’ to incorporate their treasured tracks and help them sound articulate and erudite.

Wooden memory stick

Included as part of the package, see Prices for more details.

How it works


Whether for you, or as a present, simply complete the details on the Contact Form. We’ll get back in touch within a week.


We will arrange a date for the recording session at your home or a studio nearby.

Research & Scripts

We provide a questionnaire and advice to help choose your tracks and structure the interview. We source the tracks and clear the copyright. There’s a pre-session consultation (video/phone).

The Session

We’ll conduct the interview in two 45-minute recording sessions (sterilized and Covid-secure).


We’ll edit and mix the recording to ensure everything sounds wonderful, add the treasured tracks and Produce a 40 minute fully polished Treasured SoundTrack™.


The Treasured SoundTrack™ will be created as a sound file and transferred to an elegant engraved wooden memory stick. And delivered to you in a bespoke wooden presentation box.

The Vinyl Option

The Ultimate

To make Treasured SoundTrack™ truly wonderful we can produce up to 50 copies as a professional vinyl LP.
This includes full cover design – bespoke artwork, photos, copy and track details and bespoke centre label.

Vinyl LP

12″ vinyl for you to play at home on your record player.

Mounting and framing

We can cut an additional vinyl copy and have it professionally mounted and framed – the ultimate keepsake.


Sound file

Engraved wooden memory stick.


• Additional wood memory sticks £45 each

Vinyl LP

Sound file included.


• Additional Copies £65 each
• Framed Copy £125


Elspeth Scott

Family memories captured forever.
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I bought the Treasured SoundTrack™ package for my wife. At first, she was extremely nervous about being “interviewed” but David soon put her at her ease.
I have known my wife for over forty years and through this process I found out some wonderful anecdotes about her that I was not aware of. The result is an exceptional professional recording that our children have found fascinating and very amusing. My only regret is that I did not find Treasured SoundTrack™ before my mother
died a couple of years ago as we have many photos but no recording of her very distinctive voice.

Mark Marshall

These gifts can be very emotive.

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Having your own Treasured SoundTrack™ is very, very special. It made me think back over my life and relive the highs. the events, the people I love, have loved and worked with. At the same time it re-connected me to some music I have not heard in a while.
Listening to some of my chosen tracks put me straight back in a moment in time. David is a wonderful host and did a huge amount of preparation to ensure I got to say what I needed. The recording session itself was both great fun and highly professional. To say the final recording blew me away is an understatement.
As a totally unique gift or an indulgent treat, I could not recommend Treasured SoundTrack™ more highly.

Jamie Martin

Beautiful moments.

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I was seeking a special Christmas present for my husband this year and heard about Treasured SoundTrack™. We spent a lovely afternoon with David recording the SoundTrack and reminiscing. It was the perfect way to spend an Autumn Sunday. David was very professional, friendly and encouraging and so my husband was very at home sharing his stories. I have heard the SoundTrack and it is happy, relaxed and very good quality. I’m sure it will bring a tear to his eye when he opens it at Christmas! Thank you David for a very special present!

My Story

I’m David Hoare, a graduate of the University of Manchester Drama Department, a seasoned (i.e. older) performer, writer, and voice-over artist. I spent six years in the professional theatre, six years at the BBC and have been a successful free-lance entertainer since 2018. I write and conduct the interviews, providing a professional timbre to your recordings.

In 2016, at his request, I arranged a professional recording session for my father (in the last stages of cancer) to create a record of his life and his favourite music. He wanted it for his grandchildren. Sadly, he died just before the session. I now struggle to remember his voice.

In 2020 I thought it would be a lovely thing to be able to give others the chance to tell their story and share the tracks that spoke to them.

That’s why I created Treasured SoundTrack™.

How long is the interview?

The interview takes two hours – with a 15-minute break for tea and cake. Setting up and packing up takes about 30 minutes each.

When will the final Treasured SoundTrack™ arrive?

It should be with you a fortnight after the interview. If you’ve selected the Vinyl Option this adds a further two weeks.

Can I put my Treasured SoundTrack™ on Social Media?

I’m afraid not. The music copyright licence under which Treasured SoundTrack™ is produced is limited to your personal use and cannot be shared on the internet.

What if I lose my Treasured SoundTrack™?

We retain back-ups of every Treasured SoundTrack™ (unless you ask us not to) and can replace it at cost price.

Are you limited in Geography?

We’re based in Bristol and are happy to travel up to three hours from that fine city.

Do you do anything else?

Treasured SoundBook™ – Your Favourite Book…Read By You. A fully professional audio book production service. Uniquely, this will be your voice telling the story that you love in your own way.


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